Over Complication

I've been meaning to create a personal website for a long time. Probably like most I started programming through HTML, CSS and javascript and have made a fair few websites before but never one I've intend to maintain.

But before this becomes over complicated I want to get to the point. In the process of creating this website I over complicated it. I tried multiple web-stacks, partially watched or read hundreds of tutorials, but never got very far into producing a product. If I was going to create "My Website" it needed to be the best website I had created. It needed to be dynamic, have all the bells & whistles and include everything I could think off.

The problem is that I can think of a lot. So I need to be grounded, getting something out there that functions is better than a "complete" system that does not even exist. This is a feel an extension to perfectionism, it's biting off more than I can chew.

I have not done enough thinking on this blog as I would like to have. I could discuss so much more on this topic, link to other people's thoughts past and present. But that's over complicating it. I just need to write it down!

So there, I gave myself the remainder of the day to get this website up. Only HTML and CSS but I may have gotten carried away with the CSS. It's a place to start and I look forward to tinkering!


Made the blog style even simpler for quicker iteration, I still over complicated the over complication post

Now with link Home