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I am a Research Assistant/Software Engineer at the University of Cambridge. My interests lie in AI safety and interpretability as I believe this is an area in which I can make a large positive impact.

I have some thoughts though I very sporadically write them down. And will move previous and ongoing projects on here soon.


Skye Purchase

I am passionate about machine learning research and learning more about computer science and the world.

Research Interests

I am currently interested in understanding how machine learning systems work not just pushing the numbers up.

There is great need for developing tools to make these systems human interpretable whilst retaining performance.

I am still new to the field but I look forward to learning more and contributing.


Revisiting Embeddings for Graph Neural Networks (LoGs 2022) - are GNNs focusing on the correct tasks?

Link Backs

Some cool websites and blogs that I have found that people should have a look at and explore :)