So much for regular blogs. The issue is wanting to publish articles that I’ve put a lot of thought into, or worse: thinking about the blog itself rather than the content.

So where am I? I’m back in the university working with the same department as an Research Assistant! I’m working within educational technology getting experience with full stack development but also research within the field. I’m taking courses in Advanced Category Theory, helping with supervisions, and reading groups and seminars. For the most part my goals are complete!

I’m not directly working in research, I’m falling behind on masters applications, I don’t feel I’m spending as much time as I would like learning what I set out to learn. BUT, I am as close to the position I wanted to be in that I could reasonably be in.

I hope to produce more of these in the coming weeks or months. Literally sitting down for 30-60min and write something I’ve been thinking about. Maybe not publish it and slowly build on it, but I don’t want to wait until the moment is “perfect”.