I Have a Plan

Long story short I will have a year and a bit to play with to figure out what I want to do with my life. Though the plan was not to have a year and a bit to play with I always had plans in the back of my head were this to occur throughout the last year.

This isn’t really a gap year, I won’t be travelling around the world, instead I intend to learn more about my subject or rather the mathematics underlying my subject. I feel with the pandemic over my A levels and some ability to deal with most concepts on the fly I’ve been able to get by without thorough understanding (this is likely the cause of the gap year) but this is not the state I wish to continue in. The goal is a somewhat deep dive into a selection of first year undergraduate mathematics particularly helpful in machine learning and proof & logic.

In the short term I hope to write up and ideally publish my undergraduate dissertation on graph neural network explainability. Maybe carrying out a few more experiments along lines that look promising or are new avenues of thought, as far as I am aware. In tandem, properly open sourcing my previous research endeavour.

Though I could do the classic thing and live with my parents for a year (or indefinitely), and I am incredibly grateful for that stop gap, I have some funds saved up so after the usual holiday period I wish to enter the “real world”. My goal is to get a job, ideally somehow involved in machine learning research, hopefully near other people actively in research, or something that gives more experience in the field. That could be a very lofty goal and I may have a massive comeuppance. I will see and you may already know.

I hope to have more regular blogs detailing this journey as it unfolds either as a “This is how I did xyz to achieve abc” or potentially “Don’t do xyz you won’t get anywhere”.


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